EnzyMiner automatically identifies the PubMed abstracts that contain information on the impact of a protein level mutation on the stability or the activity of a given enzyme. For querying EnzyMiner, please choose an enzyme from the list and specify if you are interested in disease related abstracts or non-disease related abstracts. For disease related abstracts, the mutation list and direct links to the abstracts will be displayed. For those abstracts that are related to non-diseases, in addition to having the mutation list, the abstracts are also categorized into two groups. These two groups determine whether the mutation has an effect on the enzyme's stability or functionality. If your target enzyme is not in the list, please write the enzyme name to the query box. We will run the EnzyMiner for the desired enzyme and add the results to our database. EnzyMiner has been developed by Computational Biology Lab of Sabanci University. For questions and remarks, please contact Ugur Sezerman.
If using EnzyMiner, please cite:
Yeniterzi S., Sezerman U. EnzyMiner: automatic identification of protein level mutations and their impact on target enzymes from PubMed abstracts, BMC Bioinformatics. 10(Suppl 8): S2, 2009.

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